PV System Upgrade

Maximum Power From Each Panel At All Times

As a panel ages its performance decreases and worst than that, with traditional inverters the weakest panel reduces the performance of the rest of panels.

If you install a power optimiser like SolarEdge, each panel will produce the maximum energy.

With a high tech wave inverter, if, for instance, one of the panels is in the shade and its power has decreased, it won’t influence the performance of the rest of the panels.

Installing a power optimiser behind each panel and a high tech wave inverter, your Solar PV system will produce more energy leading to quicker ROI (Return on investment) and greater electricity savings.

This high tech inverter comes with a cloud-based monitoring platform, easy to use which will allow you to monitor at any time your energy consumption and your PV production in order to minimise electricity expenditure.

With a power optimiser and a wave inverter your Solar PV system will be safer.

PV systems are generally safe and do not pose an inherent danger to people or property. However, with a traditional inverter, as long as the sun is up, PV cables are energised with high DC voltages.

With SolarEdge, whenever AC power is off, DC cables are designed to de-energise providing protection to installers, maintenance personnel, and property.

SolarStucco delivers Smart Home Solutions, which are customised for every household, maximising energy production and minimising electricity consumption.

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