Nowadays a typical return on investment for solar panels is a good 4.8% over 20 years.

This percentage will be even greater with time since, as expected, electricity costs will rise in the future. Installing solar panels now means you will be protected against rising energy bills. Moreover, investing in solar panels can add value to your property. By adding a Solar PV system to your home, you are improving your property’s EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate).

We have, up to now, only mentioned the monetary advantages of installing Solar PV systems, but the most important thing in all this is the contribution you can make to the environment by reducing drastically your carbon footprint, which will make you a proud citizen.

SolarStucco provides a 10 year warranty for the installation works. We only work with the best brands in the market, all of which offer a long term warranty for their materials.

As a company policy we only use high efficiency equipment in order to maximize the profit on investment for our customers. Each system is customised according to your needs and the characteristics of your property. We don’t use external installers, all the installations are done by our experienced technicians.


  1. Because we won’t fool you with fixed quotes before assessing personally your property and then adding surprising extras
  2. Because we use only the best materials at honest prices
  3. Because all our Solar PV systems can be monitored on line at panel level, allowing you to control your energy consumption and PV solar production, as well as facilitating the system’s maintenance
  4. Because we will guide you all the way on your journey as a new Solar PV system prosumer*and won’t leave you alone once the installation is done. We will be still there to attend to all of your needs

*Producer and consumer

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